Sweet Springs Mint Julep Recipe

July 11, 2012 |

The West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, edited by Jim Comstock, boasts the famous Sweet Springs recipe for mint juleps: “While the mint juleps may not have originated at Sweet Springs, although some claim it did, the Sweet Springs recipe is generally regarded as one of the best. It stipulates to the mixologist:

1. Put into a long tumbler, a silver one preferred, about four tender shoots of mint.

2. Upon them place a teaspoonful of sugar syrup or powdered sugar.

3. Crush the mint lightly into this, and add 2 ½ ounces of good old Bourbon whiskey or brandy. (many use old apple brandy.) with rasped or powdered ice fill the tumbler.

4. Into this stick three sprigs of mint. Pause while frost forms.

5. Decorate the top if desired with any small fruit in season.

6. Admire and drink the delectable potation.”

Remember, drink responsibly, and never drive US 219 after you’ve had a few. Visit Monroe county and the Old Sweet Springs Resort, a rare find along the back roads of West Virginia.



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