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“The town of Renick was once called “Falling Spring” for the streams that issue from the hills nearby and flow into the Greenbrier River.” – West Virginia Writers’ Project.

Renick was settled by William Renick and Captain Robert McClanahan in 1769. When the train still ran, it was a major agricultural trading center. In the early 1900s Renick was home to one of the first creameries in the area. Here they processed milk for the local farms even in the hardest of times, when there was no bridge and they had to ferry the milk across the Greenbrier River on a boat. In 2011 and 2012, the Traveling 219 project conducted several interviews in Renick and produced audio stories and pieces about the culture and history of the town.

You can listen to those stories in our Renick podcast:

“Bird’s eye view of Renick, W. Va.” ca. early 1900s? From the Collection of Tina Horan.

One of the stories from that podcast is “A Flour Sack Dress and a Jewelry Story.” Listen to it here: 

Photo of US 219 in Renick taken courtesy of Joey Walls. 

Driving there:

As you enter the town of Renick, driving north, take a right turn down Auto road. Just after the post office and before the school. You will come around one curve. Stop. Before you cross the river. Stop. This is old Downtown Renick. Look to your right. Along the river where the Greenbrier River Trail now runs, is where The Renick Creamery once stood.

Travel just a few miles South on US 219 to find these historic destinations:

For information on traveling to Greenbrier County, contact the Greenbrier County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (1-800-833-2068).

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