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Listen to the Traveling 219 podcast collection of stories from interviews conducted in Frankford about growing up, local food culture, farming, and history in Frankford, West Virginia.

“The highway winds down through fields in which appear outcroppings of blue limestone. In spring, the misty green pastures are thickly sprinkled with gleaming yellow buttercups.” – West Virginia Writers’ Project, 1941

Buttercups and buttered-bread mark the town of Frankford. Founded in 1769, was was once a trading center; now it is well known for a bakery, offering salt rising bread, cornbread, pepperoni rolls, subs and pizza.

Stories include:

Mother Baked Bread: Layuna Rapp and Lowell Lewis remembering homemade breads of this valley.

Salt Rising Bread: Lowell Lewis, who owned a bakery in Frankford until 2013, remembering his mother’s salt-rising bread. Lowell has since closed his bakery due to health issues. Lowell’s bakery in Frankford closed last year, and as far as we know there are no longer any sources of Salt Rising Bread in Greenbrier County. However, Rising Creek Bakery, located in Mt. Morris, PA, bakes salt rising bread, and you can order from them by calling (724) 324-5030. You can also order online.

Click here for a video and recipe to make your own salt rising bread, courtesy of Susan Brown, a native of Greenbrier County, which was adapted from Susan’s grandmother’s recipe.

Frankford was named for an early settler Frank Ludington. Visitors will find evidence of the past throughout the town in historic buildings that still stand along the . Listed below are historic buildings that still stand today along US 219 or just blocks from the highway. Go ahead, stop and have a look…

  • The Post office, formerly “The Mill Building”, located along US 219.
  • The McCraw Funeral Home, formerly “The CJ Store”, located along US 219.
  • The Old Telephone Operator Building, still stands on Williamsburg Road
  • King Curl Hair Salon, where The Frankford Store Co. once stood, located behind the Telephone Operator Building.

And is also a close drive to:

For information on traveling to Greenbrier County, contact the Greenbrier County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, 1-800-833-2068.


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