Tygart Valley Homestead School

February 4, 2014 |

The Homestead School, completed in 1939, today serves as the Homestead Elementary School in Dailey, West Virginia. Originally part of the Tygart Valley Homestead, the Great Depression-era government resettlement community, the Homestead School was a proud part of the unique architecture developed in the valley as part of the homestead. The brick art-moderne building was state of the art in the 1930s, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt attended at least one of the graduation ceremonies at the school. Traveling 219 visited the school while putting together the story and history of the unique homestead project. Dan Schultz and Emily Newton got to talk with the first grade class and collaborated with the students on a project about community, in 2013. The Homestead School is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year! Scroll down for photos from their visit!

The Homestead School the year it was completed, 1939. Photo by John Vachon, from the Library of Congress.

Children leaving the Homestead School, 1941. Photo by Arthur Rothstein, from the Library of Congress.

The first grade class at Homestead Elementary school got to do an assignment drawing pictures about community and life along U.S. Route 219. Dan Schultz and Emily Newton of Traveling 219 then got to talk to the students about the pictures and learn a little bit about the community in Tygart Valley, while teaching about the Traveling 219 project, too!







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