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Thomas, W. Va. circa 1914. From the Library of Congress.

“US 219 by-passes the center of the city, which lies (L) across a small shallow stream, the North Fork of the Blackwater River.”- West Virginia Writers’ Project.

Many characters are remembered to have left their mark upon these slanted streets, especially during the years when Thomas, West Virginia was a busy coal town and trading center for surrounding mines. Though Thomas only has a population of about 450 now, during the 1930s, the West Virginia Writers’ Project found Thomas with “1,660 people from 18 countries, including—Poland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, among others.”

Thomas, Part 1: Sutton Theater and Mike Ferruso the Butcher 

Thomas, Part 2: The Purple Fiddle was Once the Old DePollo Store

Joe and John DePollo playing in their father’s old general store, now the Purple Fiddle in Thomas

The Historic District of downtown Thomas has a number of business worth exploring, including the Purple Fiddle music tavern and café (located in the DePollo general store), Tip Top Coffee, located in the old Ferruso Butcher Shop. Watch a video of the DePollo Brothers playing a show in honor of their father at the Purple Fiddle.

“The Mountain State Brewing Company is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists visiting Davis, West Virginia.  The pub offers fresh beer brewed on premises, meals prepared feet away from the bar, and a welcoming atmosphere for all.”–Paige Lavender and Mallory Bracken, with the WV Uncovered Project. To view their video about the brewery, click here.Nearby is also the

The DePollo store, 1987, by Charles Lantz.

Following Route 32 for 2.8 miles is the town of Davis. With an altitude of 3,100 Davis is the highest municipality in West Virginia. With its roots in the timber industry, Davis had a population of 1,656 during the Great Depression.

Thomas is also a close drive to some of West Virginia’s most popular outdoor tourist destinations. There’s the peak of spring when the Rhododendrons are in bloom, the cool summer air that these high altitudes bring, rich autumn colors in the fall, and skiing trails in the winter.

For more information on these and other attractions to Tucker County, visit the Tucker County Convention and Visitors Bureau in Davis (1-800-782-2775).


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