Pleasant Valley Maryland

June 8, 2012 |

Painted barn in Red House MD, along US 219. Photo by Emily Newton.

“Our cheeks are rosy and our eyeballs are dry in their sockets from the heat of the kerosene lamps, giving the only light to our conversations.”    –2012, interviewer Emily Newton remembers from her visits to Pleasant Valley Maryland.

“Only one group of early Maryland settlers has descendants who have never given up their distinguishing customs: These are the Amish living near Grantsville in Garrett County.” Read more

–1940, The Maryland Writers’ Project, from Maryland: A Guide to the Old Line State.

Pleasant Valley, Maryland—Earth newly plowed and the pastures beside them green and dripping with dew. Saturday at dawn, along the highway the few Amish buggies are carrying vegetables to market in Oakland. Their drivers wave cars to pass; as far back as 1910, their grandfathers helped build this stretch of road which is now part of US 219. We talked with the descendents of the original road crew, including Paul Petersheim and Floyd Petersheim, for the following stories:

1. Much more than black or white, the Amish lifestyle is explored through the story of one Amish man who helped build the road to Pleasant Valley. Paint The Amish Horse Black and White:  2. During the Civil War, an Amish man was forced into battle near his home, but resisted the orders to shoot.

Church in Red House, MD. Photo by Volkmar Wentzel, courtesy of Wentzel family estate.

The Trenches of Redhouse: The North Western Turnpike, shaped by the Amish Community and American Civil War:[cincopa AYDA796xEEev] 3. Let Them Pass: A Look below the surface of the Great Appalachian HWY US 219.[cincopa AIEAp-akE4ww] 4. Eat Your Religion: Conversation of faith around the kitchen tables of Pleasant Valley Maryland.[cincopa AgKA886bEIvx] 5. What’s in a Name: The names and places of Pleasant Valley Maryland.[cincopa AkPAF_6pEQHy] 6. Candy Land and other Changing Times: How this Valley has changed, perspectives of men raised as Amish children:[cincopa AYIA9-qrEQ1y]

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