Marlinton CJ Store

February 26, 2014 |

There were once at least 20 CJ stores – owned by CJ Casdorph of Ronceverte, who also ran a wholesale business. James Michael, ran the CJ store in Marlinton. His father in law, Charles Burns LaRue, ran a little store in Hillsboro.Photo after the Marlinton CJ store was "modernized". Courtesy of L. Kirk.

“I remember around x-mas he would have boxes of candy setting out on display, and there was a scoop and a scale and you got what you wanted and weighed it. The cash register was very old. I worked in the store as a youngin and got .60 cents an hour I think. They sold meat, dad did the butchering. Most people had a charge pad, so you write down the items they purchase on a brown paper bag, totaled them up on as adding machine, and transferred the purchased items into the charge pad if they charged. Dad did all the butchering but if some wanted sliced ham or something like that, you sliced it yourself. Some of the people working there that i remember were Eldridge Waugh, David Mason , Arlene Beverage, my sister, myself and (who could forget) Roy Ware. I am sure there are people I have forgotten…sorry.” -Tom Michael, whose father James Michael ran the Marlinton CJ Store.

Outside of Marlinton CJ Store. Courtesy of L. Kirk.

Outside of Marlinton CJ Store. Courtesy of L. Kirk.

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Mrs. Nadine Combs is the lady in the apron. Courtesy of L. Kirk.

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