Spring Peepers

April 4, 2014 |
photo by Fungus Guy.

photo by Fungus Guy.

It’s the first week of April, and here along the Allegheny ridges the peepers have emerged. Spring peepers, for those who don’t know, are small frogs that exchange a choral mating serenade in the night, or just after a light rain. The sound is something stranger than birds and louder than crickets. For those who long for home throughout the Appalachian mountains, there is almost no sound that can transport you back like the sound of a spring peeper.

While traveling south along US 219 on Thursday night, Traveling 219’s Roxy Todd made a stop at a vernal pool just off the road in Monroe County. There is something about this time of year along the Allegheny Mountains that is expressed by this surreal sound. One brave little guy got close to the microphone, and you can hear his soliloquy about halfway through the recording.


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